Alexander Zheleznyak

Alexander Zheleznyak

SanDisk Extreme Team Member

Alexander Zheleznyak is editor-in-chief of the National Geographic Traveler (Russian edition), a photographer, a sailing skipper, and a traveler. He graduated Moscow State University (Department of Journalism) in 2002 and has articles and photographs published in Russian editions of Vokrug Sveta (Round the World),GEO, and National Geographic.

He was also editor-in-chief of Yakhteny Mir (Yacht World) from 2002 -2007 and started the Yacht Russia project in 2008. Alexander uses all of his passions to capture unique images.

Alexander uses SanDisk Extreme® CompactFlash® to ensure he never misses a shot and can that his images will be stored safely on the memory card.

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