Christian Pondella

Christian Pondella

SanDisk Extreme Team Member

Christian Pondella (, a self-described "ski bum" and extreme sport photographer, is also the head photographer for Red Bull USA, a senior photographer for Powder, and has shot images for national magazines like Outside, GQ, Men's Journal, Maxim, ESPN Magazine, FHM, Rock & Ice and Adventure. Christian requires fast equipment that can keep up with the action at sporting events. In comparing SanDisk Extreme® CompactFlash® cards to shooting film in the 90s, Christian says a great advantage is the cards don't crack or break in the camera like rolls of film did in cold weather. He doesn't worry about his storage devices in wintry conditions anymore; the durability and reliability of his Extreme memory cards typically outperform his camera equipment.

Whether it's ESPN's X Games, or motorcycles racing up to 200 mph, Christian captures all the action with SanDisk Extreme® cards. Their fast read/write speeds enable quick offloading from camera to computer-vital for uploading images to the display monitor screens at major events.

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