CCTV Buyer's Guide for Home

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While our home security has become a more necessary area for us to take the right precautions, the great news is that the technology to allow us to have better home security systems is not only more sophisticated, but also more accessible and affordable than ever.

To make a well-informed decision, there are a few critical points worth considering:

Explore the range of CCTV Camera Equipment:

Consider what you need for security, but also consider monitoring requirements in the home, e.g. to monitor pets or children etc. will you need indoor or outdoor cameras, or both? Is the lighting likely to be low where the cameras are? There are many cameras which have been designed for security and surveillance environments. Check out the Camera Advice Centre for more details.

Investigate fully which format of Video Recorder is most suited for your needs:

The two main options here are Digital video recorders and Network video recorders. Digital video recorders are more suited to the home environment and Network video recorders more suited to the business environment. Check out the Video Recorder Advice Centre for more detail.

Understand your CCTV Storage Requirements:

Your camera and video recorder selection above can impact how much storage you will require. More specifically, the factors which impact how much storage you might need, include the following:

  • The number of days of footage you wish to store, before recording over footage.
  • The number of cameras you are recording footage from.
  • The format in which the camera records to your video recorder e.g. H.265 is the highest standard of video compression, meaning that your video files will require less storage.
  • The resolution of your video content.

Why not try the Storage Estimator for a more specific estimate of what storage you may need for your security solution?

Be clear about how readily you need to be able to access your CCTV footage:

For example you can now have your CCTV footage accessible directly from your smartphone, so you can keep an eye on your home, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

Consider having a Back-up Solution:

Discuss with your provider what happens if you have a power failure? Does your CCTV solution back-up to a source in the instance of a network outage or power cut. Many cameras can now have a microSD card, which is a great back-up on such an occasion, so recording doesn't need to stop. Again, options which are designed for the surveillance environment will be the better options, such as WD PURPLETM.

Don't be pennywise and pound foolish:

Of course you need to make sure the solution you choose is within your budget, but it's also worth being aware that cutting some corners now could cost more, further down the line. Speak to your provider about reputable brands for both cameras and storage. A trustworthy provider will be able to guide you to great products and brands, which are optimized for security and surveillance, like WD PURPLETM.

Choose a trusted provider:

The decision to install a CCTV system is an important one, so in just the same way that you want to select the right quality of equipment, you will need to be sure to select a reputable provider. We've done some of the hard work for you.

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