CCTV Buyer's Guide for Office

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One of the important aspects of selecting the best security system for small business surveillance is to determine its applications. Small business security and surveillance can be used for a number of goals besides simple monitoring of a property.

To make a well-informed decision, there are a few critical points worth considering:

Questions to ask regarding business security and surveillance applications include:

  • Are you looking to prevent employee theft?
  • Are you looking to have employee monitoring?
  • Are you looking to secure the outside property?
  • Are you looking to view the business during and/or outside hours of operation?
  • Do you need low-light or night video monitoring?
  • How many cameras are you looking to add to the security camera system?
  • What is the overall budget for the security camera system?
  • How much video storage will be required?

Identify your needs more specifically:

Indoors & outdoors, employees & customers, high risk areas, high risk times of day/night, high risk days of week?

Start to explore which cameras might be most suitable for your needs:

Consider indoor vs outdoor, how many cameras and size of area to be covered, resolution of video footage required. Find more information in the Camera Advice Centre.

Understand your Video Recorder needs:

Consider here how high resolution your footage will be. Check out more detail in the Video Recorder Advice Centre. Price is definitely not the only consideration here, as lower cost options will have lower file compression, which is likely to result in larger file sizes, and therefore more storage costs. Find more information in the Video Recorder Advice Centre.

Understand your storage requirements:

Many of the decisions about your camera and your video recorder will impact how much storage you will need. Your storage requirements will also be impacted by:

  • How many days of footage you would like to store?
  • Do you need a scalable system?

If you are looking at expanding your system in future then you need to invest in IP cameras where the connection with NVR happens over the ethernet.
While in case of an analog system, the system is completely wired and gets very cumbersome to manage if you are looking for future expansion.

  • The number of cameras.
  • The resolution of your video footage.
  • Try out the Storage Capacity Estimator for a more detailed estimate of what you are likely to need.

Make sure you have a backup solution:

So if you have a power cut, or a network shortage, you want to be sure your system will still be able to record footage, via a WD PURPLETM microSD Card.

Use a reputable supplier:

To be a little more helpful we've done some of the hard work for you, and we've identified suppliers who are experts in this area. Register your interest in receiving this list of installers – we will send it to you immediately. Click here to get the list of suppliers.