Mahryska & Tinayums

Mahryska & Tinayums

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Mariyah & Cristina - famously known as "mahryska" and "tinayums" are Dubai-based freelance photographers making a mark in the Dubai fashion Industry as photographers and bloggers. Having met several years ago, they discovered that they shared a great passion for photography, beauty and fashion and now work together side by side, as a powerful duo.

The photography pair does a wide array of work for various agencies including model portfolios, advertising and commercial work, a wide range of fashion lookbooks, and editorials for both local and international fashion designers. They regularly cover the Dubai Fashion Week, Bridal Show, and Dubai Fashion Fiesta and also attend the other biggest fashion & beauty events regularly in the city to share updates and news on their online blogs.

They are also community volunteers at a Dubai-based non-profit Photography Club called OPPPS ( where they volunteer to serve the Filipino Community - sharing and teaching photography enthusiasts. Several of their works have been exhibited and featured at OPPPS, Gulf Photo Plus, and Illustrado magazine. They are also regular photography contributors for Illustrado and IN fashion magazine.

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