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Father’s Day: Tracing Those Gamer Roots Back to Dad

By the time we’re teens, most of our gaming gets played with friends. Before that, though, during our most formative, impressionable years, parents show us what’s what with a keyboard or controller. This Father’s Day, we’re turning the mic over to our followers whose early memories of gaming with Dad made them who they are today.

“I used to play ... with my dad when I was younger. We had many intense, competitive moments in [a] shooting range minigame. I have to say that we both have a highly competitive spirit, and my dad used to win many times, but sometimes I got my shine. Golden game memories.” — @uksuthegamer

The very first game I remember playing with my dad was [a fighting game]. We played one match, and I refused to play with him after that because I never [got crushed] like that before.” — Jason Shelton

Maybe it’s time for a rematch. Gotta see if the learner has become the master, right?

“My dad actually introduced me to videogames at a very young age. I’ve been a gamer since I was three years old. ... You can find baby pictures of me with a controller in my hand, in my dad’s lap, as he’s playing ....” — @21st_night_of_sept

[My] earliest memory in gaming that involved my dad, I remember him buying me a used [console] from a yard sale, and every Saturday morning we’d play. We had a choice: one hour of [gaming] or cartoons, and [gaming] always won!” — @CyclingGuyNOLA

OK, but...are you saying you’ve never watched Saturday morning cartoons?!

“When I was growing up, my dad was a repair engineer .... He always had top-tier systems and allowed me to play games .... During my early teenage years, we moved to [handheld] games ..., then [consoles], and then we moved back to PC. I never lost that passion, and today I’m a successful, sponsored case modder who loves to game. I now have my own family and game with my daughter at every opportunity, so she may follow the same path as I once did with my father.” — @mt_mods_official

It was at the local laundromat/dry cleaners. They had a new [arcade] cabinet. ... We’d play till the quarters ran out or he got the high score. Good times. Love you, Dad.” — @CCOONANSR

Sounds like somebody was getting cleaned out. Dad jokes!

“I remember playing with my dad … though thinking back, the second player controller may not have been plugged in. He wasn’t much of a gamer after … early consoles, but I do remember coming downstairs for water in the middle of the night and finding him playing [a FPS shooter] on the family PC, so maybe he was just hiding it.” — Alan Stoddard

“The first video game I played with my dad was probably … back in the ‘80s. He always did better … than I or my sister. Which is all the more surprising because he’s terrible with technology in general. … I, being the nerdy guy that I am, would play every game we bought for the system until I got blisters on my hands.” — Darren Braylo

That’s next-level Dad strategy. “Oh, I don’t know how to program this VCR, [whispers] but I’ll waste you on our next match-up, mwa-ha-haaa."

Just remember: Whether you can still play with your dad or pay it forward with your kids, get some games to share, have the right WD_BLACK gear for a choice experience, and rest easy knowing you don't have to compromise which games to delete on your console or PC in order to make room for new ones. Because it’s never too late to make some amazing new memories.