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Mom Made Me This Way

Sure, moms get credit for teaching us how to make the bed, cook a meal, do homework, and play an instrument. But how often do they get deserved praise for making us into gamers? Not often enough.

This Mother’s Day, we want to give credit where it’s due. We asked the WD_Black community for their mom-based gamer origin stories. Naturally, our people did not disappoint.

“I grew up with a single mom raising two kids on her own. She always did her best to make sure we had what we needed and more. I remember always waking up on Saturday mornings, going downstairs...and just playing all day with Mom. We would switch off when we died. These memories are the reason...why I love gaming in general.”  — @SporksGG

Moms are really superheroes, aren’t they?

“When I was around seven or eight years old (I’m now 17), I had a lot of more free time than now, but my mom and me played...every morning when my brother was still asleep and my father was at work. We played...for so many hours and had a really good time, just talking with this mom you love, laughing, and playing a game...”  — Anonymous

Awww. Not gonna lie. This one gets me a little misty.


“Growing up, if me and my mom were near an arcade...we would compete for highest score. When...released an arcade stick..., my mom bought it just to play...against me at home the only way she knew how to.” — @naklsonofnakkl

Tell the truth. Without Mom, what would we have been at all? Maybe “gaming” is just code for “life.”

To moms everywhere, and gamer-moms especially, thank you. For everything.

P.S. If you’d like to give your gamer-mom something special for Mother’s Day, WD_BLACK storage for PCs and consoles might be just the ticket for more game capacity, better performance, and making a new generation of amazing memories.